On January 28th, a full day vaccine clinic was held at the Fr. Bilodeau Community Center, with volunteers from Linwood Ambulance Service providing vaccinations for approximately 450 people, supported by additional volunteers from Lincoln & Woodstock Police and Fire departments, Rotary, Grafton County Senior Services Council, and other concerned citizens.  Thank you to everyone who turned out to support the clinic - this was a phenomenal team effort!  

Message from the director of Linwood Senior Center:

Hi again everyone!                  

WOW, I was humbled last week at how many volunteers helped this community get vaccinated from COVID-19.  It was great to see everyone at the Linwood Senior Center Vaccination Clinic and Grab and Go.  There were many local emergency service personnel that volunteered their time and it was a great collaboration to be a part of!  I don’t have everyone’s names at this time but I wanted to say Thank you to LINWOOD AMBULANCE, LINCOLN AND WOODSTOCK POLICE DEPARTMENTS AND FIREMEN, LINWOOD ROTARY, GRAFTON COUNTY SHERRIF DEPUTY, AND THE TEAM FROM PUBLIC HEALTH NETWORK & VAMS

***A special shout out to Linwood Advisory Committee for their volunteer DAYS in preparation for this event: Kathy Cook, Vicki Etchings, Peggy Rice, Margaret Aranyosi, Denise Heredeen, Tara Towers

 ****We will see all of you that had the first shot on February 25th for the second shot.  Please come at the same time and place you did for the first shot!   (unless we call you with a change)  

Maria McIntyre